Infinity, what exactly does the word infinity decipher? To these many would have a millions of definition and synonyms to it but for a person like me infinity is a MYSTERY. A mystery that exist in a relationship. (To rationalized it, we only get a brief glimpse of a person. Truth is even a lifetime is not enough to know a person fully). And this mystery brings in the enthusiastic inertia to keep digging into the depth of our relationship loaded with surprises and new discoveries to be made.

The world we live in is such a massive and giant dimension. Interestingly, we are our own sea and nobody owns us. We ourselves are the kings and queens of our own respective domain but what’s good and happiness is that when it’s just ME alone. I once lived in that era quite comfortably to an extend with minimum beam of light but ever since you ripped open that ozonic layer of solitary, happiness has taken its birth and it’s growing beautifully ever since. Praise to our creator above for his endless mercy to have you as my person’s. I know people meet up for a reason but I am least interested to know why they do,rather I am more interested in the encounter between you and me because Our relationship is such that we have truth between us forevermore, the highest compact we possibly can make. The vivacity it gives is incomprehensible, too precious to disentangled it. I belief, Life has more to give of what our friendship really is and this unknown mystery keeps me spirited and abiding and I am in a quest to seek more of what we can possibly be. Are you?

Until then toast to our friendship.



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