If my memories stand strong with me 12 March, 2015 was the day I officially became apart of NHI. I was on time on that bright sunny Thursday morning, clothed myself with confidence but honestly God!! I was in a cold sweat which is quite natural for any newbies. And as I walk pass the halls and bridge I felt numbed not because the house was cold rather felt a challenging vibe, a vibe I can only comprehend and the fear that accompanied alongside if I would be able to co-exist with the calling. It was like a nightmare to me back then. Days passed, then a week, a month, a year and a year more and I intent to extend my days here . Well, it is in this beautiful place (being kind for all that it is to me) that I found my second ” KINDRED” though with different bloodline and wished to keep them close until death do us part. Because in all my working experience I had, I haven’t felt such parallelism of closeness and acceptance among young and old alike irrespective of the discrepancy which is an unusual one, very unprecedented.

Its not any laudation rather candidly manifesting what this place is to me. I can proudly say that I am favored among all for all that I am being bestowed by the one I believe in most high, my creator. It has given me much in order to upgrade myself in all sphere but of all, the compassion and oneness it has instilled in me is unwavering and this values are the one that binds me closer to it.

As once said by the great physicist, Albert Einstein” Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding”, understanding each other which is deeper than knowledge. Not all the millions population understand me but only a handful of them does and I am quite possessive about them :). And as much as I called them mine, I am theirs and there is nothing more, nothing less.

Just like the rest ,I myself have traveled to quite a lot of places in search of peace when at times life tends to get too complex and too cluttered but for me its one of the most serene, peaceful place I can be. It might be hard to believe why I consider peaceful in the midst of the commotion it have. Well its very simple, peace to me is being calm within my heart. For a person who thinks a lot getting myself busy to my calling is what bring peace to me rather than being with my own despairing thoughts. And what better place can I go than to be here among my person’s.

With time, I shall be gone from here sooner or later but regardless of what life brings to me I shall remain honor-bound to NHI for molding me to the person I am becoming.


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