An escape to Darjeeling

Darjeeling , the land of black tea noted for its scenic beauty and its rich tea plantation and its view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga (world’s third-highest mountain) is located in the foothills of the Himalayas at an elevation of 6,700 ft above sea level. A traveler with no grasp on the historical background of how such a winsome locales was shaped had me inspired with awe. Though I have read a-lot and been informed about the beauty it holds nothing can be more satisfying but to be one among to witness such bewitching abode. For once I wanted to dwell there forever but my roots and my thirst for more of such beauty shut my momentary desire.
Its an epitome of natural beauty perfectly acquiesce to what it is also call “Queen of the hills”. Popular for its aromatic tea, it is a home to only a few thousands residents with its economy solely depending upon tourism and tea production and yet it surpassed many other states of the country.

Now that I have been there my mind quotes July is not perfectly the best month to visit (some would agree to it no doubt) because of the rain and heavy mist intercepting one from enjoying the view and cutting you off from a cable car ride but my heart (a traveler heart) says there is nothing as the best time… all we have to do is be in the moment and enjoy and grasp all opportunity one possibly can to explore and connect it in-spite of how unpredictable the weather might be.

So my day starts with a few kilometer drive to the much talk about tea plantation garden. I have never seen a tea plant and it had me question a lot of things in my mind. I understood how tea are propagated from seed; 4 to 12 years are needed for a plant to bear seed and about 3 years before a new plant is ready for harvesting and that’s a hell long year when the economy especially depends on it. In addition to it, it requires a high centimeter of rainfall and thus the reasonable rainfall it receives. Then a quick drive to monastery, because without a glimpse of it would made the travelling incomplete when one is visiting a place which is famous for it. Also the pride of Bengal cannot be missed. It would be a grave mistake on my part to overlook it.

Lamhanatta was no less than a piece of heaven. In-spite of the less number of occupancy it was indeed a place of real beauty. The efforts the people had put into is spellbound. It just had me realized that we human are blessed with much caliber and all it needs is to put that into action to witness the hidden ability which thou has already blessed.The jaunt to Kalimpong was another enthralling one. The weather was kind enough to allow the view of the mighty TEESTA RIVER flowing before emptying into the Bay of Bengal from the so called view point, Lovers Point.

Honoring those brave veteran who have laid down their life for the sake of its patriotism in the war memorial park had me humbled down and offer my reverence for their sacrifices. But one thing that disturbed me was the existence of the steam locomotives , the toy train. Though it attracts tourist in a large extend I personally feel it should be discontinued because of the dense thick dusty smoke it produce. From a health care perspective point of view, it not only pollute but also cause unseen harm to the people who are un-shielded to it. It’s an important issue that need to be pondered deeply but what right do I have to butt in when I am just a stranger passing by. I believe that the people are trying to bring a solution very soon.

Lake Mirik was another seraphic neighborhood. The misty fog, the swans on the lake and the surrounding forestry was quite a view. The presence of swans makes the lake more aesthetic and a ride on a horseback across and a few moment of leisure walk in the woods was a complete package.
It would be regretful if one would skip the idea of visiting the border of Nepal, neighboring country also world’s 94th largest country which shares it boundary with us i.e India, Bhutan and China. Although I had just a mere sight of the country it had me thrilled with the idea and achievement that I had my foot set in a foreign land. Now it’s obviously weird and funny for those of you who have traveled across countries and these childish thoughts might not be appealing to your taste but it’s my way of expressing my contentment and gaiety.
Thanks to my co-traveler for the wonderful experience and memories I had during the entire trip. It was indeed a memorable and ineffaceable one. It shall remain ingrained and fresh.

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