Seconds with the LEXICON

” You will never have this day again, so make it count “

December 2, 2018 a day it will remain memorable until the last breathe of my life. For it’s the day I encounter with India’s Lexicon, Dr Shashi Tharoor. I do had this desire since long but I din’t expect it would happen so early. I can proudly announce my desired was answered because I did not let go of the opportunity given to me and no-doubt the overall credit goes to Times of India for arranging such wonderful events.

Delhi though with its chilly morning tried to tied me down in between cozy blankets, my enthusiasm and eagerness was too tough to handle.With much avidity I had been waiting for this very day, where I will get to see my icon/ idol Dr Shashi Tharoor personally, a man of substance. Wikepedia has enough of his information so i would skip that part.

I am not politically interested and neither am I a craze for his political influence rather solely for his intellectual. I literally cannot find the right adverb to describe him and even if I found one I am afraid it will do no justice to the person that he is. An hour earlier I reached the venue though the commute from East of Kailash to khan Market via metro and from khan market to India habitat centre by auto all together took me 30 mins, for I simply hate the possibility of missing him even for a sec. The schedule talk was on his latest book ” The Paradoxical Prime Minister” with Nithin Mehta as the host. Well more than discussion, it was more of a debate about the political parties and eminent persons we have in India. The question thrown at him was the triggering factor and as such the comments we hear from him was undeniable…the session ended well facelitating Dr Tharoor mother as it happen to be her birthday.

Nothings feel more happier than getting his autograph signed personally and that too the first among everyone…( yes I am broadcasting, and I will without shame). Though I was happy to get my book signed I wasn’t content with it. So what I did was wait on the side of it for an hour. Fruit of patience is sweet. The line was getting over so I went forth and asked those MIB if I can have a picture with him, they denied and blocked me. They left me no choice so I directly asked sir if he can have a picture with me to which he told those MIB’s ” Let her come, she was the first on line to come for signing the books “…now this was not expected at all.. my respect for him double up for the consciousness he have towards a girl he met just for few sec. Such gesture was not anticipated for the crowd was huge. He also asked me about my roots..damn I was drooling when he held my hand and that is when I felt myself content.

” Satisfaction of one’s curiosity/ desire is one of the greatest source of my happiness “

He is such an inspiration and yes I am looking forward to see him lead India towards better INDIA.

My day ended well………………………………………………………

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