Expedition of three Dame

A light traveler with a small black duffle bag and a Canon D60 on the left shoulder is how I showed up at IGI T3 to board the flight Air Asia from Delhi to Dambolin, Goa. Ladies and Gentlemen, Hamara aaj ka Delhi to Goa udaan mein aap saab ka swagat hain. The captain has turned on the Fasten the seat belt sign, if you haven’t done so, please stow your carry-on baggage in the overhead bin. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. And also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their upright position …….as the flight attendants make this announcement I lazily slip myself in my seat on the aisle side though my heart yearns for the window…I couldn’t request as the occupants was a kid of a very young age. A 2hrs and 25mins duration journey seems to me like a year…..
15:25hrs I landed, sorry I had to skip my two dames in the introductory part as we have boarded a separate flight but I am pretty sure they had the same announcement.

1½ hour drive to SUNNY COW VILLA, in Anjuna; the home for the young, wild and eccentric – the hippies like those found in kasol. Though only traces of them were found during our visit their legacies continue. Our B & B for the entire trip was another inclusion. The environment and the ambiance were very soothing, peaceful and hassle-free, a free recommendation quote for anyone up for it. Though our lips remain quite, the eyes were filled with excitement as we undress and dressed up, to begin with, our day 1.

The beach I had fallen in love 8 years back welcomed us with a breathtaking vesper… a walk on the beach and a session of capturing moments, shots of drinks before we slumber off before tomorrow swallowed us was how we ended the day. A shot of Vodka and Lights off!!

By 08:00hrs we were ready for breakfast, clothed up ourselves …ahhh I should say Half clothed now this sounds better after all “ it’s GOA ”( so cliché ). Forts and beaches were our main focus for the day. We started out with the lighthouse; Fort Aquada(15km drive), a 17th-century Portuguese fort overlooking the Arabian sea. I am not so sure about the historical background on how and when it was constructed but presuming any lighthouse is a reference point for any vessels that is approaching. The bars, the stairs, the red brick walls, and the deserted look portrays as a prison to me, though history says nothing as such.
Sinquerim Fort in Condolim beach was another mesmerizing fort bisecting the beach and the shoreline. Very much less crowded than any other beaches we have been. A spectacular view of the beach and the sea from the fort is a bonanza. Not really a pre-nuptial shot but more or less something of that sort for our soon to be wedded off lady luck- Jeena Thomas…ofcourse myself and our beautiful Sumie Issac had our shares of sexy shots too…..all shots were pretty seducing and captivating if to be added. Those who have seen would agree to it ( Chuckles ).

A short tour to the much talk about Calangute beach and the Baga beach though we didn’t like it much there. The scorching heat or the timing is to be blamed I do not know… 50/50 if at all I have to be unbiased. Alright, I do not want to dismay any of my readers so, yeah according to my earlier experience if one has to visit please make sure you are visiting in the late evening. The nightlife is pretty awesome for those party lovers.

A trek to chapora fort gave us a fascinating view north across the chapora river and the mighty Arabian Sea. It is a pleasant place to wander. People say it’s a ruined fort but I say an old Fort is supposed to be like this… For those of you “ Dil Chhata Hain ”fan, yes we did had the same photo shoot the trio had in the blockbuster movie, Photo clipped below… we recommend you to visit at your leisure in the evening and enjoy the fascinating view it serves under the vast expanse of the sunset sky.

We dint know Goa is also famous for its Saturday Market…Kind enough to come across a friend to take us there.

A market retro styled, hippy and artisan market featuring a wide range of colors and scenes, truly a kaleidoscope of stalls invoking cultural identities from across the globes, very crowded, well market is supposed to be this way… though we didn’t get anything from there I am happy I now had an idea of how the Saturday market in Goa looks like.

LPK (Love passion Karma), Tito’s and Mambos ……the finest clubs and recommended highly by those who have traveled down there. Confusion as to whether we should head there or not was the topic of discussion. But since it would be decided later in the late evening we gear up ourselves for some water sports activities, Parasailing, Banana ride, Bumper ride, and Jet Ski riding are some to be mentioned. Worth the expenses and the experience we had. A little bit of seasickness and a nearly drowned experiences toh chalta hain…We have life vest so obviously, we won’t drown but there are some life experiences that caught us up at times and it’s understandable..Being half blind has it’s own disadvantages when you have certain desires. As the sun sets in and we know that it would be the last night for us, head to Tito’s Club but landed up in MAMBOS…a glass of local rice beer and a shot of MARTINI on the floor and we were good to sway on the dance floor. Music was loud and the crowd was passable. Heads off to the DJ for making such a lively remix of the Bollywood and the Hollywood songs..we love him for playing all the known and hyped tracks. Not a trained floor dancer but the music and the vibe in there made us get lost into the MAMBOS realm. Not a minute of rest from 11:30hrs to 1:30 hrs did we shake and showcase the many moves we had seen and learned from the media…All thanks to Fabi for taking us out and letting us see what Goa is when the sun sets in…

An amazingly three-day trip ended well….with much love and bonding…but the transition from 31°c temp to 9°c temp was no fun…

20 thoughts on “Expedition of three Dame

  1. An awesome trip and a phenomenal review about the trip makes me so involved in the trip as a reader. You’re hell of a writer. Congratulations on the good writing skill. Keep going.

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  2. While going through your Goa description, I remember my trip. In your next trip to Goa try out cruise and casino. Keep writing , thanks for sharing it. Love you my princess


  3. Hi while through your Hoa tour description I just remembered that trip before 10 years. How much enjoyed the tour. Nice writing. Keep on writing and thanks a lot for sharing the same.
    Best wishes


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