Her Junket

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.

                                                                                                      – Alan Cohen –

Life has been pretty exhausting in the past few months. Working in a health-care sector tends to be laborious and demanding. I bear no offense to my other A-list Aristocratic professionals. It’s just an assertion!!

I am a lady with a weird inventory in her small unending bucket list. Instagram followers might have a hint of it. Well if you didn’t then, I have this curiosity for VISTARA. I don’t know why but I had always wanted to fly at least once with her and who would even think that it would happen so soon. I know many of you have flown in a better aircraft but the kind of satisfaction and elating feeling I have is undeniably wordless. The best airlines I have ever flown with so far. An hour and a half transition from Delhi-Mumbai seems to me like a second, partly because I dozed off while watching my favorite anime character NARUTO (Anime fans say yeah). Mumbai welcomed me with a temperature of 320 C and 60% humidity which for a while made me prefer the unbearable heat of Delhi. Since it’s my second visit, I am going to relate quite a lot with places and emotions.

Crossing the sea link bridge made me feel like I am in a different country. I have seen it a few times in media but it was this one Instagram feed of a classmate, now a budding designer that had me fascinated about this magnificent bridge, Bandra – Worli Sea Link connecting the Suburb Mumbai to Nariman Point making the traffic more ease at peak hours. Visiting an Aquarium was one among in our itinerary, so we kick it off with India’s oldest aquarium; Taraporewala Aquarium. Delhi fails to amuse me with one of such. Well, it was only after watching Finding Nemo, that I started craving for one to understand the nature of this gill-bearing aquatic craniate organisms. Prohibition of photography was a big disappointment as our summit couldn’t be captured. Sometimes memories are all we got to cherished about times and places.

Carrying on, staying at the boulevard of south Mumbai which hosts our Bollywood superstars (The Khans) and affluent industrial person (Ambani) was a real treat especially the two days stays at the TRIDENT. The view of Marine drive/Queen’s Necklace road from the 26th-floor window was heavenly. Had a quick orientation of the room facilities. A minibar with a variety of drinks, eatables to snack on and a bathtub to submerged itself (another one in my bucket list) were made accessible for the GUEST, which happens to be me. They had this mini can of Pringles, I open up the sealed pack and started munching on it. It was only when I went through the inventory cum menu folder in the left of the shelf I realized it was chargeable. Literally, my Jaw dropped with eyes popped out like that of an animated series. I didn’t replace a new can though so you all can say I have no civic sense. Since then, in all the 48 hours I dare not touch anything neither laid my eyes upon it.

Hmmmm…Sitting in the couch by the window, my sight fixed on the calm sea and Radio Mirchi playing old 90’s Ghazal and filmy songs (defining an old soul) was such bliss and luxurious. This alone time is a very much important moment to appreciate, relate and reflect for personal growth.

Mumbai, also known as the city that never sleeps. A city famous for its skyscrapers resembling Manhattan of New York especially the night view of marine drive region when the whole coastline lights up, a city that holds the most valued historical structure i.e ” Gateway of India ” and the heritage ” Taj Mahal “ hotel overlooking the bay of Arabian sea was not to be bypass.

Walk on the Chowpatty relishing the famous Pani-Puri and Chuski is a must. If you don’t, you have not seen Mumbai or lived in Mumbai at all. But nothing beats the taste of Delhi’s Pani-Puri (only Delhites would agree to it). No doubt Mumbaikars are more privileged when it comes to having a sea beach where they can take a leisure stroll any time of the day or night. It’s the best place in Mumbai to watch the sun rise and set. My kinda place to rant out frustration and calm oneself on a bad Monday morning.

Of all things, I look forward to having breakfast down at the hotel lobby. Who wouldn’t, when it’s complimentary and on top of that you get to stuff one’s face into a variety of delicacies. All nutritious; the decent way to open up a day. Some I have never tasted, never seen or heard off. The recipe was massive, the staff was courteous and Pacific. I wonder how it feels to be a part of the Trident family…which somehow makes me think if Dad would have agreed when I came forward with the idea to pursue Hotel management after my secondary, would I be under such distinguished firm. Maybe or may not be….its all in the past.

” There is no disease like craving,

There is no frailty like aversion.

There is no folly like ignorance,

There is no sanity like Dhamma “.

You would find many of Lord Buddha’s teaching inscribed in the external walls of the magnificent Pagoda painted with shimmering Thai Gold, a landmark of peace and the abode of tranquility. Eight years ago, I was introduced by my external Buddhist family which does not happen to last long due to some cultural diversity. It was the last family trip I had with them and since then I had no trace of them. Among all itinerary, this place holds the closest to my heart and always will. As of now, I don’t have any plan for a comeback, but if I do I will surely visit again to spend quality and quantity time. There’s a lot to pour out and one can only feel the positive vibe of the place only when you spend enough time. This applies regardless of any place of worship.

We also visited Sanjay Gandhi National Park to witness its much talk about Flora and Fauna and also Kanheri caves. Caves/ rock-cut monument sculpted out of rocks. 106 identical caves are there. We could only cover just a few. We skipped safari ride as the weather was unbearable and all we wanted was to get back to our room and relax. So all we get to see in the park was a troop of monkeys ( the species from which we evolved ).

Ride to Lonavala gave me a nostalgic feeling of the road trip with my uncle and aunty back in 2011. Just the three of us covering 70% of Maharashtra on their honeymoon road trip to Goa. Yeah, I was a pain in their ass but not that I asked for it.

This hill station is basically famous for caves, lakes, dams, waterfalls, and forts according to Google Baba. Bhushi Dam was our first target. I would give a rating of 2/10 for it. Don’t be deceived by images you see in your browser. The dam is actually manifested by Buffs. Unlike the green lustrous crowded pictures, you see it’s just the opposite; muddy, parched and colonized by Buffs as their swimming pool. Speechless! Or maybe it wasn’t the best time to visit. Readers may try during monsoon season. I have no specific season to visit a place, I just need to have time.

The uphill drive to Lions point to have an aerial view went without a hitch but the downward drive had us have acute mountain sickness. The hilarious part was when my co-traveler got down to throw-up all the nutritious early morning breakfast I too had step down to offer her water but instead of being a help I instead began throwing-up after seeing her vomitous content. I am just hopeless. Kune waterfalls were not to be missed so we head down towards the area just to find signage CLOSED. We tried the other entrance gate which again reads PRIVATE PROPERTY/ TRESPASSER WILL BE PROSECUTED. Everything was going futile so we head down to TRIOSE (theater). Will Smith movie ALLADIN was available on-screen but in-order to watch they have certain Terms and Condition (very unusual). Four or more people have to be there for them to screen it else you have to get tickets for four even if two or three people shows up. We understood mother nature wants us to rejuvenate in the hotel room and make use of the facilities made available for the visitors. We end up behind closed doors, exploring the hotel fun-zoned area and soaking our happy feet in the pool.

There is a certain city that has the energy to breathe in life and Mumbai is one of it. Undoubtedly it is the 3rd cleanest city in the Nation. Also, the traffic is followed systematically within the city unlike other metropolitan cities and happens to be the most preferred city for most of the budding entrepreneurs.

” You can feel the wonder of a place only when you begin packing your backpack ” else the things you read and hear will not fill the bill.

                                                                                       – Adios –

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