Proud habitants of Delhi NCR since August 2014 and planning to lodge for few more years until it banishes me. Of all the States I have been Delhi is best-loved not just because I stayed the longest here but owing to the fact that it has given me so much in life which I can only comprehend. Starting from exposure to knowledge, life experiences, career achievements and extended families, this place still indoctrinates me per diem. Life tends to get unyielding in-spite of all the efforts we put through and in times like this, I need a place where I can calm my inner self down. Some need a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear and comforting soul to unburden oneself from pain and frustration. I don’t expect my friends and family members to keep listening to my bleat. I hardly do that unless I really want it, that just not me. All I need in such time are places where I can get lost to, a place that will placate mental chaos and help me contemplate on things around me. Accompany me as I scribble down about those places I call sanctuary for my soul.

  1. India Habitat Centre/IHC

ihc2699563883679613285.jpgWhy not “ India Gate “? Before publishing this content I have taken reviews from a few close-friends regarding the sequencing of the places. Most of them have advice that I should put India Gate at the topmost rather than “India Habitat Centre“. Its true visitor would prefer going to the later or any other commonly talk about places rather than this but then if we just stick by the usual thing then we remain uninformed and I am on a quest to break that quotidian. So let’s roll with it as the number one (1) place to visit. To all the new insights and newfound love for arts, I owe it all to this place. That one place I have visited the most. I remember how badly I used to wait for India’s Trade Fair in-order to witness the many artistic works put forth from each state of the country. However, after bumping into this place I no longer have to wait for months and months which is an advantage for me. Now, I get to see the amazing and alluring exhibition in all forms (painting, sculpture, dance, music, plays, etc.) on an everyday basis. This place has given me so much exposure towards my personal growth, how to be appreciative of things and the purpose of living. It is my everyday attempt to ignite everyone I associate with the desire to visit and fall in love with the world. Unlike some luxurious exhibition and plays where one has to spend more than a few hundred rupees or at times ranging beyond thousands, this place offers you a free passage except for some theatre plays and workshops. It’s human nature to appreciate things and make it worth about things that cost us our pocket as such its worth spending. I don’t have architectural knowledge but about this even the architectural work is sightly and the environment is vegetative. Fancy American diner with their playlist older than me fit the bills to experience how exactly New York American Diner feels like.

Seconds with Dr. Tharoor

I do have met very eminent personality right here in this place (Dr. Robert Barlett, Father of ECMO, Dr. Shashi Tharoor; India’s Most literate person and few other artists) and as such it’s very much close to me. Moreover, it’s not every day you get to meet and communicate with them one-on-one.

Handmade Ceramic Pebbles

Arts lover, you can undertake photography, painting, and hands-on skill simulation workshop here at Delhi’s most comprehensive convention center. Not only that you can exhibit your artwork if you have any. If there is any learning I can gain and helps me connect with one’s own bliss then, there is no stopping. Loud people are a total turn-off to visit such places, so it’s best you avoid it.

Photography Exhibition by Delhi Photography Club

Photosphere by Satish Gupta

In order to reach, one has to take a metro ride till Khan Market Metro Station (for those commuting by Metro) then an Auto Ride for 30 – 50 INR else take an Uber or Auto till the location (IHC, Lodhi Road). Sometimes they might ask for ID proof for entry (I was asked to provide once), so it best you carry a valid ID proof (just in case). You can get yourself registered for events notification available online or book an event through Book My Show. This is all the insight I can give you, the rest is for you to go and explore it. 2. Gurudwara/Bangla Sahib

Bangla Sahib, Connaught Place

It’s been 3 years and still counting on that I had this profound feeling of respect and attachment towards the Sikh Religion which is considered the youngest religion by the universe. A glimpse into their beliefs had imprinted me with a feeling of reverential respect (mixed feeling of fear and wonder) which I consider essential for my growth.


Their belief is founded on one UNIVERSAL GOD and has no choice but to treat everyone with love and dignity to restore peace. It does not believe in conversion (conversion creates conflicts) unlike other religion rather it believes in the transformation of a PERSON, coming from within; to see the Almighty in All. It vibrates positive energy for the souls. The hymn might not be understandable but try sitting down and listen to it with closed eyes, your soul will feel lighter. I even slept off for more than an hour on my counseling day for my Post Graduate. There is a Hospital, Library, Museum, the main prayer hall with Sarovar and devotees chanting praise and worship within the premises. You will get a lip-smacking Prasad and Amrit. One can sit down for LANGAR served at the premises usually served at 07:00 hours to kill your hunger. Take only what you think is enough, wasting of food will be an insult to them (just an opinion).In my entire visit, I commute by Metro; the best and the cheapest. One has to take the yellow line, get down at Patel Chowk then take an auto that will bill you 30 INR or if you have time and loves walking, then 15 mins walk is the max time taken to reach there. One can relish a cone/bar of ice-cream as you proceed towards it.

The Angelic Soul

A born Christian but more than I visit my own church I have visited this place. Clearing misconception, I have my faith already but I see that there is no harm in adopting good values beyond the realm of our own faith. In Onkar,Aad sach. Wahe Guru……

3. Sunder Nursery


I am enough

Most of the habitats here in Delhi are still unaware of this beautiful heritage park located adjacent to Humayun’s Tomb in Nizamuddin. This Central Park, which is an Arboretum cum Archeological Sites was opened for the public in 2018, so I guess it must be the reason why most of the people are still unaware of. One will find numbers of heritage monuments, flora, and fauna. The landscape is design in such a way that it intensified an authentic connection with history. The entrance fee is quite reasonable, 40 bucks for Indian and 100 bucks for foreigners. I am not really a park/garden person but this one, Sunder Nursery; I can get habituated to it if time permits. Those of you who labeled yourself as an Anthophilous and Entomophile, make sure you are visiting it else please avoid designating yourself as one. You are only humiliating yourself.

With the unmasked Shinobi’s

Forget about a week even to be away for a day or two from your frustrating work, the honking of automobiles and commotions is a luxury for half the population. So may I suggest, for those like me who cannot afford a frequent weekend trip, you can access this vegetation. Any day of the week is a good time to spend here with your loved ones over pot luck and recreational activity. I promise you will not be disappointed at all.


Creating Moments

Keeping in mind the three words “seeing is believing“ I can only suggest you. It is you and you alone to decide if you prefer having your ice-cream with multiple flavored topping or just a flavor would do. 4. India Gate

My family

Without any doubt, 90% of Delhiites and visitors in the capital city have heard and seen the famous war memorial located in the vicinity of Rajghat build in memory of those soldiers who died during the First World War. I am pretty sure it’s the most visited place and with certainty writers and visitors would favor and position it in the No.1 must-visit places. Being honest I never had the craze to visit it until two years ago (2016). I had my reason not to and a reason why I began visiting it.

Early Morning sight of Raj Ghat

The best time to visit is in the early morning before the entire population rose up from their dead, to begin with, their daily affairs. Though it might bore a deserted, you will be in the company of a limpid atmosphere. I agree some of you prefer the evening hours with the monument giving a luminous sight, ethnic group, hawkers with various palatable items and activities you can indulge in and much more. Both hours have their own end results depending upon how we engaged ourselves with the moment. Piece of advice- take care of your belongings. Don’t forget to have Chuski; an ice candy dip in flavored syrup and maybe you can lie among the grasses gazing the skies and engage in persiflage conversation with your closed ones.

My extended Family

So far, the best moment was with my extended family members. Partly because it brings us closer than we were and yes I am looking forward to reliving such moments again. 5. ChampagaliYou won’t believe Delhi has such hidden land. Even the name CHAMPAGALI itself sounds uncanny, isn’t it? I had an epic moment with my colleagues some days back. I was suggesting to them about this lane and can you imagine the kind of question they threw at me with that crooked eyes “is it a Red Light Area”. Now, why on earth would I be visiting or suggest a Red Light area first of all? I am still in a dilemma. Anyways, curiosity made us questioned eldritch things. You, yes you, it’s obligatory to discover the lane once you are done going through my description else you may kindly conclude your reading here itself.

Choosing Monochrome over Colors

So, describing the lane, it’s few meters away from Saket Metro Station. As you walk in through the lane, it’s possible that it will give you a second-rate impression with a construction site, automobiles shop, and potholes on the way through. No second thoughts on that. But please have patience, just a little bit more and hola you are in the midst of clandestine locale. It’s the best-kept secret lane in the whole of Delhi. I won’t say it has everything but you will find coffee shops (coffee persons, go grab your coffee) with outdoor and indoor sitting, a small flea market where you will get discounted clothing, handicrafts, home décor and a reading room for Bibliophile. The entire area is well decorated with lights and is neatly maintained. It’s just the perfect place to beat your weekend blues and catch up with long unmet friends over some good finger-licking foods and drinks. A pragmatic hint, weekends tend to be a-Lil bit crowded and Summer heat tends to make us slothful. As per expert opinion, winter is the perfect time to discover this hideout. So, if you don’t have any better upcoming plans for this winter you better pay a visit.


Life is abundant, life is beautiful…

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