My experience with Delhi Police

How many of you have a likeness towards the law enforced officers? How many of you can face them confidently with poise? Many will many might not. It’s indeed one of the most honorable job empowered with power and authority but if one thing I had learnt about Indian police is people fear them rather than feeling safe when they see or meet them which is the opposite of other foreign countries.

Coming from a place with recurrent insurgency between the Indian Law enforcement  and the local bodies (Kaplang, NSCN etc..) and much of the story of their brutality and inhumane act as sometimes talked and seen in media (Current Kashmir situation can be cited as an example) I had a certain dislike about them although I was just second to becoming a part of it. I know this is not reason valid enough to hate them if we look from the perspective of leaders fighting for the state freedom. But few encounters with them had me in a win-win situation and in that process I do have learnt quite a few. True to the saying “experience is the mother of all wisdom’’.

Anyways my experience with Delhi Cops goes like this….

At around 6’ish while returning home in auto after visiting a friend of mine I had this unpleasant but life-changing incident. It was in the midst of a traffic jam with my phone in my hand when a tipsy middle aged man showed up out of nowhere and snatched my phone away. These unanticipated stimuli prompt my neural activity to an immediate action and in a flick of seconds I was chasing after M. Snatcher (fictional name) with all my might. I cannot really say whether it was wise/foolish of him to run into the less occupied street because if he had run in between the roads I won’t have caught him and he would have escape easily because all the transportation was still on halt due to lousy traffic rules. Although he ran with all the stamina I outrun him. Caught him at his collar; both panting, then straight away took back my stuff from him. Curious people on the street started asking me what happened, I told them briefly about the situation and tout de suite he was beaten up by the onlookers which results into bleeding.

Now that I got my stuff back I was leaving for home just then the mob began to question me as to where I am heading off. I answered “ Ghar ’’ to which they began to comment “ aap aise kaise jasakte hain, aapke liya hum ne usko pitai kiya, khun bhi baharahi hain, kaun jimidar lega’’ call the police and hand him over. The slightest mention of the word “ POLICE’’ gave me chills. I went senile, didn’t know what to do. I was speechless and out of pressure I had to dial 100 PCR number. Few cops in Khakhi uniform arrived within 5 mins after the call. Took my statement after which I was told that I had to come down to the police station to file an FIR. I was like seriously….. I pleaded them to let me go home and that I do not wished to file any complaint. Although I have heard the word FIR multiple times I was not aware about the procedure that follows, not even one bit. All alone not knowing what to do next, I stood unexpressed. Surprisingly, a young man by name Anil Rana, from Dharamshala softly whispered into my ear that I should hurry home and not fall into such mess. My request was left unheard, was left with no choice but to visit the office as they were very adamant with their decision. I look around to ask for help. Without thinking much I approach Anil (presently I call him Big Bro) if he can accompany me till the station with a deal that he will only have to wait for me at the gate and I will not drag him into any of the situation even if it get worsen. He agreed and so was my auto driver. I shall remain indebted to him for his timely help.

The moment I step inside the gate of the station all eyes were on me as though I was a wanted criminal. Few inmates were already there and they too were fixing their sight on me. Those creepy looks made me feel guilty and questionable. I was then called into the station SP office. I was questioned from the starting till the end of the story. Post explanation I was told that an FIR has to be submitted in my name, since I was the one who had called them. I duly agreed to their concern but then it’s my choice whether I wish to put up a complaint against the culprit or not. I was head strong with my decision and so was them. I was furious and I dint know what to do next, I just stomped off from the room and as I was about to reach the gate a lady constable came running towards me and caught my hand as though I have done a heinous crime and was escaping from the scene. I was forced back into the office wherein I had a heated argument with the constable and the SP there. My knowledge on Human Rights acquired during my high school came handy. I began quoting them down my rights as a citizen of India that I should be treated right and to let me exercise my freedom to expression etc etc…… The SP was kind enough to perceive my fear and finally agreed to let me write an explanation letter subjecting my refusal to file an FIR against the culprit. All this went till 9’ish.

Two months post the incident, during mid-work I got a call from an unknown numbers introducing himself as cop from the earlier station. On inquiry for the purpose of the call, I was instructed that a date has been schedule in the coming days and that I have to be present to give my statement before the jury. I tried explaining to him that I do not remember putting up a complaint regarding the incident. In fact I have mention clearly in my writing about my refusal. I said what I had to say and disconnected the call. I started getting calls persistently since then. For this cause I even changed my number. A month passed, was at peace when one fine morning my mom called me up to clarify her about the incident because a cop from Delhi has come looking for me at my hometown. I contacted my district police station to probe the exact thing. The district court has sent for me since they have no means to contact me telephonic-ally and the worst thing about it was the culprit was still behind bars all this time. On top of that a penalty of 5000 INR was issued in my name if in case I fail to show up this time. I felt guilty on hearing this and I agreed to come on the schedule date.

Honestly I was tensed and was freaking out but my two bacon ( Sumie & Jeena ), my support system gave me courage to stand for what is right. It is not a big deal for those of you who have come across a much worst scenario than this but being a first timer it’s comprehensible I guess. So we made it on time at Saket district court, Malviya Nagar on the schedule date. I would be lying if I say I wasn’t afraid at all. Yes I was but not up-to that extend. I was actually looking forward to standing in the witness box, placing my hand to take the witness oaths or affirmation oaths they call and pledging“ mein kasaam khake kehta hoon ki mein jo bhi kahunga saach kahunga aur saach ki alava kuch nahi kahunga ” but nothing as such happen as my case was of a minor one. The prosecutor who sat just next to the witness box handed me the letter I had written for confirmation. Mr. Snatcher was call in, stood in the opposite box. The prosecutor asked few question and asked for his defense lawyer. He had none and on account of that he was assign a lady lawyer for his defense and the court session was adjourned. The magistrate concluded the second session within half an hour in my favor. I did went home that day not with just serenity but also familiarized myself with various significant life values.

Our daily lives is not to be taken for granted for in everyday there is something which can be of great values towards shaping us into a better individuals. Books alone cannot give you the required information and life alone is a vast ocean of knowledge. And to acquire knowledge one has to experience, perceive and discover.

I had my shares of learning as well from this encounter;

  1. Always put your phone inside your bag or pocket when not in used, you never know who and when your phone will be snatched away.
  2. Avoid travelling late.
  3. Be mindful with your decision
  4. Don’t mess with the police
  5. Stand for what is right
  6. It is okay to punish the wrong doers so that they do not violate again.
  7. Truth always wins.
  8. Not all cops are same.

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