Delhi Bistro You Should Visit

Delhi has got a lot of places to offer for those of us who enjoys dining out. It’s not necessary to be fancy or high end standard but then once in awhile it’s okay to pamper oneself for a change. I do this often not because I have so much to waste around rather a small gesture of appreciation for working hard. Also with a dream of owning my own café one day, I like to explore places to see what all things I have to consider later on. At times I wonder if the place I am in right now will still function 20 years from now on. If yes well and good, but if they no longer exist then this small activity is how I can or people with the same attachment may cast one’s minds back to it which in one form tell story of our own life; mostly about MINE. The following are the few places that I usually end up every now and then.

  1. Gung – The Palace
  2. Categorical Eat Pham
  3. Diggin
  4. Cha Bar
  5. Soda Bottle Opener – Khan Market
  6. Little Seoul – Safdarjung

Gung – The Palace

As the name suggests, Gung – the Palace is Delhi’s most finest and expensive Korean Restaurant. This place encompasses real flavour of korean cuisine. The atmosphere is warm and friendly with beautifully donned traditional Korean pattern on the walls. You will find beautiful well mannered ladies attending to your needs in their traditional attire.

The food itself there is very authentic. To have the best of the place, try snagging in one of the private room down-stair where one can happily drop the slippers, settle down to the low seating and discover the beauty and help yourself with thinly sliced meat cooked on a hot stone at your table, accented with just a sprinkling of spring onions and a variety of side dish. But for this one has to have a reservation done else chances of getting the traditional or private sitting is doubtful. They also serves a variety of Japanese like sake known as ‘’SOJU‘’ and ‘’Makgeolli’’.

Traditional Private Dining Hall

Gung price are eye-popping, cost a bomb especially if you go for their Korean beef or pork barbecue. It’s not an everyday dinning place for us struggling workers but yes if in group the cost can be chip in with ease.

Categorical Eat – Pham

Just in the quaint of Humayunpur, Safdarjung Enclave, Categorical Eat – Pham is now a very known and common dinning place for Northeast dwellers here in Delhi. It is that one place that comes in mind whenever I think of a place to savour on home food. Not that it serves super authentic food but yes the quantity and the quality of food they serve are worth the amount one spends on it. They serve buffet apart from the mouth watering Thalis. Traditional Khor/rice beer is one among the beverages menu. Only if they serve this in the traditional clay pot it would add more in the authenticity of the place. Post food one can enjoy the various flavours of tea they serves from Red tea to Soothing Nong – Mang- Kha (Traditional medicine with warmth of ginger) to help with the digestion process. The ambience is sheltered well with soothing music. A must visit for Northeast people and those who likes to have a quick bite of PAN MANIPUR cuisine.

Fish Thali served with Khor ( pic credit @ Inka Linda )


Outdoor Sitting Area

Anyone who wants to dig-into Italian food, (Diggin) this place is right there at Anand Lok, opposite Gargi College. Highly recommended for early Sunday morning breakfast with your loved ones over a cup of hot coffee served with a plate of weekend gossips. A bright, colourful and cheerful dine out area. A chilly windy morning is best to enjoy the lovely café. They have both indoors and outdoors sitting. If you want to enjoy the decorative lights, you can visit during the evening times. No extra service tax/ GST/SGST incurred apart from the food bill served but the food is expensive though. They have a leafy terrace sitting as well. I personally love this place as it somehow get me connected to nature with all the greeneries they had put up. Looking forward to take closed one soon. Food bloggers, you may consider blogging about this place.


Glimpse of the Book Section

If you’re a foodie and love exploring places in Delhi, you must have been to Cha Bar, Connaught Place at least once. A Perfect place for your morning coffee and conversation, evening times is again too crowded and loud nevertheless one can always have some great time here. The food is tasty too and comes in an affordable price unlike other fancy restaurant. Special love for hot muffins and tea cake on your plate then this is where you should hop in. The interior and ambience is brilliant. In-fact I will say it is a heaven for book lovers. Been looking for such place and finally I get to be here. Once you serve your tummy full you can (should) buy some books, after all who doesn’t like books. Also visiting a book café and not getting a hold on one, na na …….not happening at all (at-least not me).

The Counter

Soda bottle Opener

Simplicity at its best

Any Parsi Fans in the house? When the whole market is flushed with Italian, Mughlai , Chinese and Indian food, this place will surely give you an ethnic Parsi food experience. Typical Parsi food outlet it is. This cafe is a bit different from others!! The waiters here would leave you awestruck. We need to use sign language for communication, a thoughtful initiative taken by the management. One can’t resist their tempting Parsi menu which is very rare to find in this town. The menu is filled with humorous jokes. Amazing playlist of classic songs you will get to listen. Not many are there in town. If you happen to stop by in khan Market (SodaBottle Opener wala), please make sure you are giving a visit. Like minded people won’t regret but for high end maintenance you may opt the other fancy diners.

Little SEOUL

Looking for “light on your pocket & great for your taste” Korean restaurant, then LITTLE SEOUL is right there waiting for you at Humayunpur, Safdardung Enclave. A small sitting area not fancy enough like that of Gung/ Busan/ Gangnam/ Koris – where most Korean lovers goes to. For those of you concern with privacy and looking for a quiet and meaningful conversation, you have it right here. Just a minute walk from parking area. Korean Sam Gyeopsal, hot pot and other Korean cuisines are available.

Reason behind all the TIPSINESS

Varieties of drink at much affordable prices, pocket friendly – what else do you want? Unlike Gung – The Palace, the price here is very minimal. Say a jar of Soju there(Gung) cost 1000 INR but here you will get it at just 700 INR. Five slice of Pork Barbecue which cost 1500 is priced at 850 which basically means you can enjoy extra bottle of soju. Yeah!! Let’s get Tipsy…

Apart from the above places mentioned, there are many more waiting to be explored. And each place I have been has given me a different opinion and experience and it hold a special place within me. It is not just the food, ambiance or service the place provides but what most keep me connected is the people I have been with. Truly our choices in everything can tell us a small excerpt about a person. So pay attention!!

Bon Appetit!!

2 thoughts on “Delhi Bistro You Should Visit

  1. Wooow its so mouth watering and feels like crapping every single bit of things available….will love to visit all those places someday soon. Well written as usual and you just added flavours all over to make it love even more. Great Job dear.

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