A walk to remember


Monsoon season has given me the best experience of my childhood days and it has always given a euphoric picturesque of how I used to clothe up myself with the long black pair of gumboots leaping into every potholes and puddle splashing water to fellow-mates. Also, growing up watching Indian movies had me have this fantasy of walking in the rain with the person who is as weird as I and this monsoon rain was no less than a dream…It was a good start to begin the week with. As the condensed moisture of the atmosphere starts falling visibly in a separate form, others souls out on that beautiful evening were making their gate away from getting drenched, some halt at their favorite spot sipping a hot blend of their favorite drinks and the Autowalas were looking forward to passengers whom they can levy heavy charges. Fear of catching a cold or being thwacked by thunders was in absentia rather we were lost in ecstasy and not minding the judgment of other Homo Sapiens. We walked around care-free as our happy feet took the supremacy in leading the way by the preference of the hour exchanging words of the younger days. The duration of the walk was short but it was incomparable to any other episode….

Go out, be happy, become a child again, do whatever brings back your childhood as nothing stays forever in the world of everything that eventually will turn out into nothingness.

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