My ” Holi ” Day


“Events High @Treebo”, the site/app I would never ever book or look up to check on for any events. Those who have been looking forward to this festival and have booked through this site must have felt a great disappointment much like me. You can say I am ranting them, oh yes, I am. Be in my shoe and you too would do the same for sure.

My alarm woke me up at 6:00 hrs in the morning, the first thing I checked on my phone was for any notification. The inbox messages startled me. Should I be happy that the event got canceled (dilemma as to go/not) or should I be sad about the amount wasted in booking the pass? Just to convince myself, I look into the time I had received those messages, 12.00hrs and 2:30 hrs in the early morning had the organizer notify me. Adding to the dismay was the incomplete helpline number they had given. I had this feeling ever since before I book the passes, that this might be some way of daylight robbery. Not because the event got canceled, but the day before I had seen a Philipino movie title ” Seven Sundays” in which the younger brother was an event promoter in social media which happen to be a scam he was unaware of and as such he was hunt by those who have purchased the tickets and also he was being sued legally and it was relatable at some point. Dropped a quick mail to the organizer and a few calls (unanswered). Hoping they will revert, finger crossed!!

Since the messages say a change of venue, I head off to the venue specified. Delhi bore a deserted look with everyone spending quality time with friends and family, splashing colors and greeting warm wishes to each other…It was a delightful sight to see those ladies and gentlemen clothing themselves up in white attire unlike me who was all clothed up in Black (the reason being, I didn’t want to spoil any of my white tees) as though I am attending a funeral. They say it’s against the tradition but I bother less for my sole intention was not to get involved with the merrymaking rather have a glimpse of what and how this festival is celebrated by many. The second venue too was as dead as a log…those that had arrived earlier were disenchanted and making their way back home. A confirmation with few of those there to satiate my abject after which hit the road to Ansal Plaza, South Extention.


I can’t be more grateful to whoever the event organizer is for making the event quite happening. Although I didn’t get the pass to it, at least my day and purpose of going out was achieved to some extent. Few random shots here and there, exchange of words with the unacquainted and I joined those who were observing the event from beyond the boundary.

I realized how vital colors are in our life. It’s hard to imagine a life without color. The vibrant it gives out is beyond wonders. No wonder “festivals of colors” was rightly quoted. With the usage of the right colors, wonders can be created and in order to create this wonder choosing the right color is essential. There is so much to understand and reflect on one’s life. I have fallen in love with this festival especially for the colors and the energetic vibes it unfurls.

Apart from the lively and exciting things about today, I had my lesson learned. Few to be shared, take it or not the choice is yours:

  • Black is a bad choice on such a colorful occasion
  • Never plan out alone, go out with your gangs. I bet you will not regret.
  • Have a back-up plan
  • Events high @ Treebo is not to be trusted ( at least not me)
  • Lastly, make your day count

” A color is as strong as the impression it creates “ 


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